Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Tuesday 1st May 07

Up at a sensible time, early enough to say bye to the boys, and felt energetic so got out the electric chainsaw and did 20 mins of logging, creating 'rounds' or slices which are the right size to split for stacking. Now the front looks a bit tidier.

Soon after 10, my visitor arrived, Lucy from BBC Inside Out, who wants to do an 8 minute article on my green lifestyle after seeing me on Newsnight. We chatted inside for a while, looking at the stoves and dried fruit, and discussing why I choose to live this way and what caused me to 'turn green'. Then we took a walk down the garden to see the mushrooms in logs, veg patch, fruit trees and compost systems. Then a coffee and more discussion about how the filming would go, and what I would like to be filmed doing. I suggested that as the council has recently threatened me with prosecution for recycling waste placed for collection, that I would really like to be provocative and be filmed taking cans and bottles out of the council litter bin which is outside our house, and putting them in my kerbside recycling box. This is something I do most days, as ordinary people, non recyclers, put allsorts of things in it, as it's on a main road and I delve in there and take out recyclables. This is probably illegal but I am very happy to break this particular law as it is morally the right thing to do. Landfill is wrong, recycling is right, simple, from my perspective!

Lucy asked if they could film my Professor Fiddlesticks activities at a public event, and I told her about a future performance planned at St Nicks. So we went off in her car to visit St Nicks to see if they would be happy to have them filming. St Nicks was very busy with their recycling activities, various people with learning difficulties, people on community service, employees and volunteers, it was very busy. Keely our Rotters manager was there, and Kate the columnist, and I introduced Lucy to lots of people.

After this she dropped me back at home and she shot off to Halifax to see another potential media victim, sorry, star, and I wolfed lunch and cycled straight back to St Nicks as I was wanted to work with the Crossroads people, splitting logs, which they seem to enjoy as it makes them look manly and is quite aggressive yet productive!

Spent an hour and a half at St Nicks and bombed back just in time to go and get the kids. When I got home with them I needed some time alone so I spent some time managing the various composting ops... turning, riddling, building up current ones with stuff in sacks waiting to go on, and feeling at one with my fairly obsessive hobby, and at one with the world as I know and love it.

In for a late tea, which I made myself once I had lit the woodstove, and helped Gill get the kids into bed. Then the usual mix of tv, computer stuff and a bowl of cereal with home-made muesli before bed.

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