Friday, 11 May 2007

Friday 11th May 07

Woke feeling grotty, runny nose and headache.

Tried to stay in bed to see if it went away but couldn't.

Did some housework and bits in the garden and conservatory, and found some seed potatoes for Ashley who gave us a children's bike at Xmas. When the rain was too much I typed up some of the notes from last night's meeting.

Late lunch and enjoyed the warmth of the stove, did some googletalk chatting and then recieved a phonecall til 3 when I collected the kids.

Tried to ignore my runny nose, collected compostables from veg shop and split some logs until tea which Gill had created, spaghetti and veg stew (bolognese analogue).

More computer stuff, but wasn't in a good condition as dribbly nose got in way. Early to bed, as this must go away as I have a gig on Sunday morning.

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