Thursday, 17 May 2007

Wednesday 16th May 07

A day. Not a lot happened except going to a local computer shop to see if they could shed light on my phone-line malfunction (they suggested putting 1470 before the dialup number as this allows your number to be shown to the recipient) but they'd not heard of this problem. I rang a friend and asked her to do a 1471 and see if we were giving the 'caller withheld their number' message but we weren't.

During the morning the problem went by itself. Weird. Allowed me to dialup and do emails etc, so back to normal.

At lunchtime Artur the roofer came back and fixed our other roof problem, the escape Velux window had been put in too low compared to the surface of the roof and water had been pooling and coming in. Artur (I hope!) has fixed this by putting on some weatherproof tarry sheet stuff which has raised the level and will stop the water coming in. Good for Polish Roofers I say!

The only other significant thing I did today was to dig a couple more trenches in the lottie for recieving more spuds, still lots to plant! Weeded onion set bed too, using a knife like a tiny hoe.

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