Thursday, 10 May 2007

Thursday 10th May 2007

Another busy day, lots of cycling and an excellent meeting in the evening.

Took the boys into school as Gill was knackered after so much dalek-making into the wee hours of the night, and the dalek would fit in my trailer but not on Gill's bike.

When I got back I finished off the funding letter for York Green Festival and then cycled to town with a Freecycled dolly cot that Pauline had asked me to pick up, visited 'Mail Boxes Etc' for photocopying and dropped off the letter with Melody who is attending the meeting that the funding decision will be made at.

Then picked up a large composting load from Out of This World and got home for a late lunch.

My eldest son was in his class assembly, about the 1960's, which is why he was in a dalek costume as Dr Who started in the 60's. This started just before 3pm and we both attended as parents are invited. There was music, a fashion show, singing, humour and some laughter when my lad's dalek-head tumbled off!

When we all got home I had to go and visit a Rotters enquirer in Haxby who had phoned the York Rotters helpline and said she had thought that her compost bin had failed whilst they were on holiday and it had overheated and 'all the worms had died'. This I had to see, and it was as I'd expected, just fine. It needed a bit of a stir, the worms were in the stuff at the base and it was quite a good compost heap, not the best I've ever seen, but certainly not the worst!

Home for 6pm and created a quick tea of cheap out of date rice and veggie sausages and vegan burger thingies, all cooked on the lovely woodstove. Wolfed this down and got finished just in time to cycle down to Space 109 for the Green Festival meeting. Tracy and Baz attended and we got a lot done, see blog for details.

Went to the Blue Bell on Fossgate after, enjoyed a pint and a half of perry, lovely, and had some good chats with Baz. Then cycled home and was greeted by Gill who had good news, a phone call telling that United Cooperatives have given York Green Festival £2000 sponsorship. WOW!

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