Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sunday 6th May 07, York Green Carnival day

Another busy day, York Carnival or York Green Carnival. As the rest of the family are not going to see Uncle Tom in Scarborough so I said it would make me happy if the boys would decorate their bikes and come with me to the Carnival procession.

So they wound some ivy prunings around their handlebars and we had an early lunch and headed for the cycle track. I had loaded my trailer with my Fiddlesticks gear as I had a booking for a Christening at 2pm, and was due to do the carnival procession in costume, with loaded trailer.

So got to the Minster in good time and joined in with the unicyclers and jugglers before the procession started. We were following a samba band and choir, and followed by some children from Badger Hill with a chant about recycling, very positive. The procession took about 40 minutes to wind around York and ended up in Parliament Street, where we met Gill and Iwent off to my gig which was in a hotel on Bootham.

They were running late so I had a half hour wait whilst the group had their nosh. But the 24 or so kiddies and a handful of adults came and sat down and watched my show, and took part in the bits of the show where participation is invited, and seemingly enjoyed themselves. I know I did, and this usually means my audience is as well.

The show finished at 4.30 and I loaded up my trailer and went back into York centre, as I'd been asked to do a talk at 5pm on Green living. But the advertising wasn't brilliant and no-one came so I just had some time devilsticking and met a student called Hannah who's a novice devilsticker before packing up and coming home.

In the evening I planted up a lot of germinating sweetcorn seeds that I soaked in water in a margerine tub. I've planted them in single pots which are in blocks of 6, in home-made seed compost.

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