Monday, 28 May 2007

Bank Holiday Monday 28th May 07

Had a poor night's sleep as still sneezy and blocked sinuses and then the dawn chorus started up and it seemed so loud that I just couldn't ignore it and drift off. Lots on my mind too, doesn't help!

The rain and wind meant that we decided not to go to Poppleton Childrens' Sports Day and get cold and wet, glad that I haven't been bookied for anything outdoor today, as would feel like cancelling.

Had a tranquil day inside, read a NewScientist article to my eldest 'sciency' son about the world's metal resources becoming more scarce and running out... well some of them, possibly within a decade or two. It's a subject that he's interested in and if he 'does' science as a career, he may be involved in dealing with the problem in some way.

Both boys also typed an email to friends who have left York. This is the first 'personal' email that they've sent.

I cooked tea for Gill as she did tea for the boys... she made bread rolls (smelling lovely even through my runny dose) and I did Bulgar wheat and veggie haggis, with leek and onion topping.

Spent ages doing email deleting (only 700 in my inbox now!) and replying and preparing to do my 'paid-for' blog for Community Care. Hope to get an early night.

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