Saturday, 19 May 2007

Saturday 19th May 07

Work day, so up and got my kit together and got the bike loaded, so I could be at the station by 11.45 and get my ticket to Goole. Got the 11.59 to Doncaster... it was a few minutes late but that didn't matter as I then had a wait in Donny for the Hull train. Had my sandwiches on this train and was soon in Goole, where I was met by two chaps connected with Maddison's family.

Maddison's party was in an isolated house, in a large room and there were about 20 children and 20 adults present. I got changed into my Fiddlesticks regalia and used my new/Freecycled jester's hat which I found lights up with LEDs. The circus show started with the usual 'warm-up acts' or 'trailers for entertainers of the future' then straight into my show. The show went well and I enjoyed it, and therefore my audience probably did too. The birthday tea took a long time and my balloon show was late starting... and some of the audience were out on the trampoline so with a reduced audience it went quickly and there were balloons to spare, so several participants had several attempts at making a model, which was good. I enjoyed this and so did those present.

However I had missed my 4.25 train back to Donny and rang Gill to say I'd be back at 7ish. Got the 5.22 train but then had to wait in Doncaster for nearly an hour. This was made more pleasent by reading and finishing another NewScientist and then chatting to a young primary school teacher called Jenny who lives just around the corner from me in York. We talked schools and sustainability, science shows and life in general. Continued this in the train and the 20 mins trip to York went really quickly.

Speedy cycle home and Gill had made a veg stew to go with the rems of yesterday's nutloaf.

The best thing in the evening was watching BBC2's 'The Seven Ages Of Rock' about the wonderful Jimi Hendrix, one of my heros.

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