Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Wednesday 2nd May 07, York Rotters Interviews

Up early so that I was able to be at the Council's Ecodepot by 8.45 am, as the Project Manager job interviews start at 9am. We interviewed 5 candidates, all of whom could have done to job. The interviews were very structured, with a list of printed questions with the initials of who was asking the question, and a box for scoring out of 10 the answer given, and a box for notes. There were 11 questions including two relating to the presentation we had asked them to prepare... 'you have a 5 minute presentation to members of the public about the benefits of home composting', one score for presentation and one for content.

There were also a few questions about practical issues, such as a CRB police check, availability to start work etc. After this 'formal' interview the candidates were taken over to St Nicks to meet other Rotters and St Nicks people for the informal part of the interview process.

Once all 5 had been through this, and after lunch, we all met up and we added up the scores and one person came out ahead of the others, with the second close behind. However two of the interviewers had scored the highest overall scorer with the most points, the other two interviewers preferred another candidate. This provoked lots of discussion, especially when the other St Nicks staff came and gave their feedback, it didn't make the process any easier. We discussed and argued for over an hour before managing to decide. A really difficult process, but made possible by the points system which really helped clarify things.

Managed to get home just in time to go and collect the children.

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