Monday, 7 May 2007

Monday May 7th 07, my birthday

Yes my birthday but work anyway, nice to have a bank holiday birthday. I had asked my family to make it a very minimal day, if they wished to celebrate it at all. So when I got up I was given a home-made card from the boys, with a large opening mouth inside and their favourite blowy blob patterns. For a combined present I got a LED torch which lights as you squeeze the handle, and any spare power goes to a rechargable battery or capacitor, and the torch can be switched on for use without squeezing. This was £1.99 from Barnitts, reduced from £2.99, and Gill got both the boys one as well.... a brilliant bargain. I'll be able to use it whilst using the compost loo!

I cycled down to the National Railway Museum with my trailer loaded up with unicycles and both boys in tow. We arrived early and I got started whilst the boys decorated bicycles and played on the assorted bikes and trikes in the try-out area. I had lots of unicycle workshops and loads of interest, loads of happy customers.

During lunch break we had a walk around and at 2pm when I was to resume, Gill arrived to take them back home. At 4pm I got a visit from Lorna, Saturday's unicycling success, and we chatted and after Bernie from Bikerescue had paid me for the two days work, Lorna and I had a hot chocolate together, as we had made friends over the unicycle workshops. A lovely person and her positive feedback was a lovely birthday treat.

Home just after 5pm and Gill had made a veg stew with chickpeas, my creative eldest son had created savoury biscuits to go with the stew, and my youngest had followed a recipe to make buns. Good for mum, teaching my boys to cook!

After tea I planted the rest of the sweetcorn seeds, germinating in a margerine tub.

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