Thursday, 24 May 2007

Thursday 24th May 07

I got up early but not as early as Gill who had got up and fixed the flat tyre which happened last night, and I cycled the boys to school.

When I got back I went into the garden to construct another pallet compost bin, or rather re-construct it in a different place, and refill it with fresh stuff (fresh is the wrong word of course).

At 11, as pre-arranged, Toby an English Student from University of York came round and we talked about my 'green' lifestyle and then had a walk down the garden to see the fruit trees and composting systems. He's having a 'green week' and writing about it for the student newspaper.

After lunch bombed into town and got a trailer load of compostables and visited the Building Society to get several cheques out, and got back in time for picking up the kids.

Several people are leaving York whom I will miss, including a lovely Oriental Brazillian lady who I chat with who picks up a child, not her own, and she gave me her and her husband's contact details back in Sao Paulo, also an Oriental family from Austraila are leaving, and we will miss them too.

Back at home I refilled the newly constructed compost bin and gratefully accepted Gill's offer of home-made Pizza and potato salad for tea, and then got ready for the York Green Festival meeting.

I picked up the Space 109 keys from the Blue Bell and let myself in, a good meeting was had, very fruitful. Afterwards, after giving the keys back, found a load of cardboard tubes which I thought shouldn't be landfilled, so brought them home to put on Freecycle. Re-Use is so much better!

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