Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wednesday 6th July 11

I enjoyed today as I had no appointments or meetings.... the only one that was possible, Cafe Scientifique, I didn't go to, as our eldest, who comes to these meetings with me on occasion decided to go and see his younger brother performing in a puppet show instead.

So I had a day mostly spent indoors, avoiding rain.  I typed out the York in Transition notes from last night and sent them off to all participants, which was a bit tedious.

But at least one good thing happened.... I was out the front during a dry spell, chopping up a load of Viburnum sticks given to me by a gardener down the road, and a young chap stopped and asked me if I knew where Thief Lane was.  Well it's very close to here so I showed him the two ways of getting to it.  He thanked me and wandered off.  10 minutes later, he was back.  He couldn't find 140 Thief Lane.  I got the laptop and found it on Googlemaps, and offered to walk with him to see if I could help him find it.  When we were on Thief Lane, I spoke to a resident and she said that the road only went up to 114 on that side.  I suggested that he might have been looking for 114 not 140.  It began to dawn on the chap; he must have mis-heard his friend on the phone, and heard 'one hundred and fourteen' as 'one hundred and forty'.  He called at 114 and it was the right house.  Poor guy, was embarrassed, but he thanked me for coming with him to try to solve the puzzle.  Weird that if you put a house that doesn't exist into Googlemaps, it still comes up.  Maybe the algorithm thinks it is between 139 and 141?

I called on Country Fresh to get eggs and bananas, and brought back another generous load of rubbish, sorry, resources.  I spent a considerable part of the day preparing food; 6 sweetcorn, boiled on the stove and stripped of their kernels, and an immense number of cherries, I think 90 punnets, with some bad cherries in each one, and some good ones.  I sorted through as many as I could and stewed a massive pan full.  Not sure what to do with them.  Decide tomorrow.  I also picked a lot of loganberries, which Gill mixed with sponge cake mixture and cooked in the microwave.  Her microwave cakes are always really good, especially if choc-full of fruit!

I got a phone confirmation about working at the Galtres Festival, from Mary Passeri, who's doing the kids area.  There is also news about the composting, but I don't know what that is yet.

Boys were happy with the school puppet show.  Although I enjoy the Cafe Scientifique, I was glad to have an evening in, for once.

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