Thursday, 14 July 2011

Wednesday 13th July 11

Gill spent most of the day doing her first stint at the Steiner School.

I had limited contact with the boys, who were very happy to spend a couple of hours, once breakfasted, on their computers.  I wrote a letter which has been outstanding for a long while.

After lunch, the boys helped me put the tent up in the garden, to check it was all there, before I go to the Little Green Gathering tomorrow and need the tent.  The last use it got was when our youngest went camping with the school, and they put it away so I needed to check it was all there.  They'd not separated the inner tent from the flysheet, so it was more difficult to put it up... but we managed.  I separated the two and folded them so that when I put it up it should be really easy for one person to do.

I did a bit more preparation before the St Nicks and York Rotters Garden Party at 5pm.  I wasn't really in the mood for the garden party as I've such a lot to do, but I did have a few nice chats and I enjoyed it.  The food was nice, and I had a chat with an illustrator who does a wide range of art work, who had only just started volunteering at St Nicks. Her last job was a shop front!  Also, a City of York Councillor came with a nice young Doctor from Egypt called Amma, and I gave him a brief tour.  The Councillor and I had an interesting chat about another newly elected Councillor, which was interesting!

At about 7.30 I cycled off to town as I'd agreed to attend the Green Drinks.  I spent some time by myself, sorting out my bum bag, and then Kit came, and another chap who's name I've forgotten, and then Tomas and Eleanor, and Melanie.  Enjoyed their company.

Cycled home via Freshways... 3 sacks for me there.  Put some down the garden when I got in and then came inside to collapse.

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