Thursday, 21 July 2011

Monday 18th July 11

Up early to get all my stuff ready to go home.... I'd had a comfy night in the hostel and Serena had been happy in the Yurt.  I had breakfast, helped Tim move crockery, helped Serena move stuff to the car, and visited the Woodland Burial site which is part of the Sustainability Centre.... it was a lovely place, with unmarked graves under trees, and some of them with a tree planted into the mound of soil above the grave.... really nice!

But in order for me to be able to get the 10.18 from Petersfield to London, I needed to leave the site soon after 9.30, and Serena managed to pack everything and me into her little car and take me to the station. 

I had another absolutely trouble-free and on-time set of train journeys back to York... in fact the trip from Kings Cross was very enjoyable as at my table was a couple with an allotment and an interest in sustainability, and a chap who was a keen cyclist and an architect who designs eco-friendly buildings.  We talked all the way back... and we were soon in York, just after 2.30pm.

It was lovely to be back home and see the family.... but at 6 I was due to go and work for David.  We went to City Screen and I told him about the Little Green Gathering and the interesting times I had there... then took him back home and made him a meal and scooted off soon after 8, taking with me a large collection of port and wine ready for the auction.

I had 380 emails to deal with and various other things but I came to bed soon after 1am as over the weekend I haven't had as much sleep as I need.

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