Saturday, 2 July 2011

Friday 1st July 11

A bit of a lie in.  Gill went to school to do her volunteering in the shop.  So, a late start and I then spent an hour finishing off the notes about the WNBR meeting we had ages ago but I got stuck.  I did finish them and send them off, hooray!

I also phoned Sargent Dave Horn, the police officer who looked after the ride, and asked if it was OK for our report to describe how the ride was policed, as what actually happened on the day was so very different to what the other officer said would happen.  I wanted to make sure he didn't get into trouble if I described how the police had controlled the traffic, which according to the ACPO guidelines, they're not supposed to do.  He was quite happy for me to say what happened, as he'd filed his own report on the night of the ride, and what he'd done was to do a risk assessment for each junction as he came to it, and with each non-traffic-lighted junction, he'd decided to get the ride over in one group, and momentarily stopped any motor vehicles getting into the middle of the group, to reduce the possibility of anything dangerous happening. 

So, my next WNBR job is to write a brief post-ride report.  I'll wait until my colleagues get back to me re the meeting notes.

Then I went to buy some bread, and came home to have lunch.

So, then got outside, did some clearing up in the studio, so tomorrow I can get the log splitter out and hopefully Tony Castle will render it well again.  I think it needs some more hydraulic fluid, but he's the best person to know. 

I visited Richard who'd asked me to come and collect a shed-load of compost able materials.

At 6 I was at Davids to take him to City Screen for a coffee and a chance to spot Carolyn on a boat.... we did spot her, waving at us.  After this, I introduced David to Richard, who as about to have an evening as Ray Spike, raising money for Alzheimer's research with his band The Falling Spikes, in the basement of City Screen.  I decided not to go to the gig as I needed to finish off in the Studio, digging out the log splitter, and sorting out the mountain of crap Richard gave me, and I don't need to be hungover tomorrow as I've got work in Haxby.

And I need a bath, so got the stove going for hot water......

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