Friday, 22 July 2011

Thursday 21st July 11

A bit of a lie in for me today, and then a day writing and dealing with phone enquiries.  I finished writing up my blog posts for my weekend in Hampshire.  I chatted to an organiser from the Sheffield Green Party Conference, where I've been booked to do some entertainment, but it looks like there might not be many (or any!) children to entertain, and a chap from Basingstoke about a possible gig in September.  I spoke to an agent who'd booked me last year but not paid me what was agreed.

Gill spent a long time doing the accounts, and going through things with me to check she was writing them up correctly.

I went out in the garden quite late on and did some weeding in the pond-to-be area and got my fix of outdoors.

I made my own tea, some broad beans and onion, pepper and mushroom, with a salad made of home grown cucumber, tomato and some waste olives.  It was lovely!

In the evening I had some lovely chats with assorted friends.  I feel very lucky to have my friends.


Compostwoman said...

I feel very lucky to know you, via the wonders of the www.

Compost John said...

I look forward to getting to know you, Compostwoman, if and when we meet. In the meantime, I'm enjoying our virtual friendship over tinterweb. xxx