Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wednesday 27th July 11

Another day trying to sort out my finances.  I managed to get two invoices written and sent off.  I have at least two more to do but I just couldn't focus.

We had Justin coming round in the afternoon so I got the affected area tidied and cleaned and ready for him to look at.   When he came he had 'Mick the brick' with him who said yes to filling in the gap, currently filled with wooden battens, with bricks, and then rendering over the face of the bricks so it looks like some sort of stone pillar.  Once that is done, Justin will come and do the wiring and put it in some trunking.  He found the plug socket which had apparently stopped working was in fact working.  Very odd.  And no sign of a rodent. 

I did a bit of cleaning elsewhere, too, whilst Gill went to get her hair done, mainly hoovering and washing up.

I attended the Cosy Homes meeting in the evening, and we have the first draft of the leaflet for tenants ready, and other bits of the project are ongoing.  I managed not to volunteer for writing minutes or anything else.

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