Friday, 29 July 2011

Thursday 28th July 11, Charcoal Dave at St Nicks!

Woke at 10 and within minutes of coming down stairs, I got a phone call which made me very happy.... the email I've been composing for ages to try to explain something had landed and been taken positively, thank goodness.  It felt like a risk.  But sometimes you have to follow your heart and go for it.  Thank you to somebody for a sensible attitude.

The rest of the day felt emotional.  But positive. I got two more invoices written and sent off.  I'm not sure what else I did today except it was nice and warm and I did a bit in the garden once the paperwork was emailed off.

However, I was looking forward to the evening meeting at St Nicks, the AGM preceeded by a demonstration and talk by Dave 'Charcoal' Hutchinson, a 'Master Charcoal Maker'.  I tried to get assorted family members to come down to the talk, but no joy.

I got there at 7pm and Dave was setting up a charcoal burner and getting ready to demonstrate how charcoal is made. He lives and works near Scarborough, in the Wykeham Forest and runs the Yorkshire Charcoal Company.

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