Saturday, 23 July 2011

Friday 22nd July 11

A fairly nothingy day, but Gill and I got our accounts from 2010-11 finished.  My income has gone down again.  In a recession, kids entertainers are one of the first things which get cut.

In the afternoon, I bombed into town on my bike.... stopped at Country Fresh to pick up a huge load which I repacked, much to Shirley's amazement, and got it all into the trailer and a box of old plants on the rack, including some onions which I might plant out.

From here I went to Cycle Heaven, where I got a receipt re-issued from March this year, to put into the accounts.  I'd paid a large bill by cheque, and hadn't got the receipt to prove that I'd spent that money.  Cycle Heaven were happy to oblige.

Then to the station. where I used the machine to get the tickets I bought yonks ago for our summer holiday. I called in to Clarks in Coppergate, as Gill had suggested, and found the reduced price sandals.  I quickly found a pair which had originally been £50 and were now £30.  I hate shopping so I tried them on and bought them... no point of trying to get  a cheaper or better pair; these will do.

Then I came home, stopping at Freshways for just one of two sacks they had for me... I couldn't get the second on the trailer as it was already overloaded with about 100kg on.

So I came home and loaded the wheelbarrow, and took a load down to the Compostumbler which I emptied a day or two ago.  I went to investigate a mature heap, and disturbed it... and a wasp's nest in it.  They came out and attacked me; I ran as fast as I could and shook most of them off, but got several stings, including some under my clothing, which was horrible.  I got one on the top of my head, one on my arm and in my armpit, one on my leg and one in my groin.  It was horrible... although I don't dislike wasps and am happy for them to have nests in the garden, I prefer not to get stung.

I didn't come in immediately, but did a bit more work before tea... Gill had made some rice and veg, with home grown beans in, lovely!

Did some washing up before bed, and took some antihistamine to see if I could make the swelling go down a bit.

Was pleased to see that this blog has had 50,000 hits since September 2008, according to my Bravenet counter widget.

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Compostwoman said...

My income as an environmental educator of children, and the adults who care for them, has taken a nose dive as well :-(

Oh well, just need to look for a different way to market the wonders of the outside world, play, composting, woodcraft etc etc .