Saturday, 30 July 2011

Friday 29th July 11

Another work day, with an early start to get to Garforth soon after 9am to do a party for a Foster Care organisation at Garforth Miners Welfare Hall.  When I arrived, I was stunned by the venue, it is probably the best hall I've been into for, well, I can't remember a better one, certainly for a little place like Garforth.

It has a sprung floor, and a large stage with dressing rooms behind, and good lighting.  It is a really good size, I was told it is the only indoor venue in Leeds large enough for archery; the targets are placed at the back of the stage.  The decor is lovely and there's a kitchen and good disabled access.  I chatted to Dave the Chair of the organisation that runs it, and after my show someone turned up to interview me about my opinion of the venue.  The interview and photos will apparently be in the September newsletter!

The fostered kids and their carers arrived and there  was immediately enthusiasm from two pre-teen boys, who were dead keen to have a go on the equipment and it was all that I could do to stop them.  I started the show soon after 10am, with about 10 children present and a few more adults.  Half-way through the circus show, three more children arrived, so we had a good number.  Some of the adults were 'game' too, getting up and balancing feathers, and when the balloon bit of the show was on, helping the children make the animal models that I'd showed them how to make.

All in all it was a really good morning, although I'd have liked at least twice the size of audience.... I like 20 to 40 to have a rip-roaring show!  10 children is about the minimum I can cope with and have a viable show and workshop.

I finished on the stroke of midday, dealt with the journalisty woman, got changed and packed and walked the 10 minute journey back to Garforth Station.  I ate my sandwiches on the station before the 12.53 train to York came, and when in York I went to Boots to get a 'paddle' hairbrush, which I like to brush my hair (I lost one whilst camping in Hampshire, I think) and bought some mouse traps in Barnitts.  Then I went on to Alligator to pick up their compostables, and carefully balanced them on my bike to bring them home.

I did a bit of work in the garden putting this lot on the current heap, and then at 5.30 got cleaned up to go to work for David, starting at 6pm.  We went to City Screen and had a coffee and chatted about what we'd been doing over the week. I got my ticket for Just Do It on 15th August.  I made him his meal when we got back, and we worked out my July hours and he gave me a cheque.

I picked up a large load from Country Fresh on the way back and then spent til nearly 10pm filling up a pallet bin with at least 200kg of materials.

For tea at 10pm I had potatoes and mayonnaise, a thrown away avocado in bread and some fruit salad.

Managed to get to bed not too soon after 2am.

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Compostwoman said...

Have a lovely break John and do NOT worry about the blog!

Bloging is meant to be a delight to the writer, not a chore...

We who read your words should not expect them.... and blogging should never be a burden to the writer....