Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday 11th March 11

First thing went to Maria's with our eldest for his science lesson.  I finished digging out her second compost bin and crumbling it into her third one... lovely finished compost.  Then I started moving the current heap's contents into the now empty second bin, breaking up lumps and compacted layers of grass clippings, and mixing it all up with the fresh stuff near the top, which was full of worms.  I completely filled the second bin, which will need a good wetting with washing-up water, urine or rainwater, and it will be completely rotted in a year.  The first bin just had a little bit left in it, which wouldn't fit in the second bin, so the new garden and kitchen materials will go in on top of that.

Came home and did assorted paperwork whilst watching the shocking pictures of the earthquake in Japan, and the tsunamis.  Gill is very worried about the island nation of Kiribati (pronounced kiribass) which she visited before she met me.  She had a lovely time there, they are very friendly and kind people.  We spent quite a bit of time doing the Suma order, which has various bits for 3 of my friends, as well as Melody, as usual. 

I planned my trip to Manchester this afternoon... checking maps and train times.  After lunch went into the garden to bring more sacks of compost up to the front for Sunday's collection.  I sorted out another 10 sacks... and will have to dig out a further 5 out of a mature heap on Sunday morning!!!

I went into town earlier than I needed to, to get my train at 4.40, so I could put some money into the Suma account and put in a cheque and get out some cash.... and got to the station in time to get an earlier train.

As usual, I enjoyed the journey, chatting with people which made the journey go very quickly.  I chatted to a friendly couple who were going to their son's 40th birthday party, a fancy dress event, and they'd not been on a train for a long time, and were a bit unsure of their change at Manchester.  So I helped them; carried their case and made sure their train was from Platform 14, and showed them to the travelators, and gave them the case back.  A nice couple.

I then walked up to Shudehill bus station and waited for Nomi, and we had a pleasent evening.

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