Saturday, 12 March 2011

Saturday 12th March 11

Laura called on the mobile quite early and I went to collect her from Piccadilly.  We spent the morning together, ending up, as often with Laura, at Afflecks. I chatted with Colin, who like me, is not a big fan of shopping, whilst Nomi and Laura tried to find a belly-dancing outfit.

Colin and I went to Night and Day early, and bagged a table for the people who turn up for the social.  I really enjoyed meeting my friends.... was especially glad to see Janie, with her friend Jonathan, and Ian who turned up with his Canadian friend Lyndsay, Grant, who turned up unexpectedly, and Tess, who wasn't with Fiona (but it was lovely to see Tess anyway!) and lots of other fab people. 

I had a beanburger and chips for lunch, and at about 5 as other people were peeling away (a bunch of them were all going to see a burlesque show) I went back to Piccadilly and got a 6pmish train back.  It was full of kids who'd been to see some 'X-Factor' singing show, and they were very high spirited, so I made a handful of them a balloon model....

Home before 8pm, must try for an early night as working tomorrow....

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