Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Monday 28th March 11

Up early as I took our youngest to school.. well, he cycled himself, mostly, with gentle pushes up the hilly bits and a few other places.  Got to school in about 20 minutes.

I then cycled back and got a message that our son's Maths tutor wasn't well and had called off.  I had a busy morning doing assorted admin and paperwork, but at midday went out to The Maltings to see my Green Gathering friend Stu Oolong for possibly the last time, as he's moving to Los Angeles with his partner Shaari, and although he might come back to the UK occasionally, his family is 'down south' so trips to 'oop narth' might be few and far between.  He was chatting with Lou and Rich; was good to see them again, and I spent over an hour there.  Stu gave me some vinyl records that he wanted to offload before the trip... I'll have to get my amplifier sorted out to listen to them!

I then went to the building society to get out a cheque for the cost of replacing my brakes with better bigger ones, and the chain-set, block and sprocket.  I was a bit gobsmacked at the cost but I hope the new bits will keep me safe...  I picked up my bike and refitted the trailer and came home, via a pallet pile and a Freshways donation...

Did some log stacking as we've used up the stack to the left of the front door (looking out).  I collected our youngest too, at 4.15 as he's having extra French lessons to catch up with the rest of the class.

After a small tea I cycled to the Hospital to see David and amongst other things, we discussed when I was going to go back to work with him.  Collected logs on the way home.

I wonder how many miles I've cycled today?


Jane Mcweeny said...

Hello John, is this a new venture? Or have I just been very slow on the i-uptake again? Anyway, I just found it and it pleases my incurable nosiness for other lives.
Will you be telling about how/why your son got back to school?

Compost John said...

Not sure what the 'new venture' might be. Our youngest has been at the Steiner School since January, our eldest is home-educated.
Feel free to expand on your question, if needs be...