Thursday, 10 March 2011

Wednesday 9th March 11

Well, a sort-of nothingy day really, Hector arrived at about 11am as agreed, to finish off the plumbing job and to sort out the drawer-front which now no longer has a drawer, as the sink is a different shape to the previous one, and the drawer doesn't fit.  But there's still lots of storage space in the cabinet.

Hector took a couple of hours to finish the last bits, and we sorted out the payment.  He charges £7.50 plus Y7.50 an hour, or if a non-LETS member, £15 an hour.  He'd be happy to hear from York people if there's a plumbing, decorating or woodworking job you need doing; ring 01904 427483 or email him.

Whilst Hector was doing this, I got a message from Edible York about the cubic metre of compost I've put together, which will be collected on Sunday.  The message asked about a further 15 sacks to put in the Barbican bed, suggesting that riddled would be a good idea.  There was a query about the cost of the approx 20kg sacks, so I had a search around the internet for prices, and did some weighing of my compost.  I found that a litre of freshly riddled compost, ie quite fluffed up, weighs 500g, therefore a kilo is about 2 litres.  I think that compost from the bottom of the heap is probably a bit more dense and as less air-spaces in it, so might be 600g per litre, or a bit more.  The weight will also depend on how wet the compost is.  The sample I used was just moist.  So the approx 20kg sacks contain approximately 40 litres.  I sell the sacks for between £3 and £6, which is similar to some of the commercial compost prices.  My riddled compost, in 4kg carrier bags, is available for a suggested donation of £1 to £3, at Country Fresh, or I'm happy to deliver.

So then it was lunch and I got 11 carrier bags of riddled compost ready to take down to Country Fresh, 8 in the trailer, one in each pannier and one on the rack.  I cycled back with 3 sacks of compost-to-be.

When I came back, I went round to Jamie's round the corner, and collected another 3 trailer-loads of logs.... mainly very dry softwood, in lengths up to a metre.  So, to date, I've had 8 bike-loads and a wheelbarrow full.  There is more to come!

For tea I had the reheated pasta not used yesterday, and then at 7 I set out for the 3 Legged Mare where Green Drinks was due to happen.  Jennie and Tom were there, and then one other person appeared.  I was about to go at about 8.30 when Jane McWeeny arrived, and had posters for the Last Chance Saloon Band Ceilidh, on Sunday 20th March at the Tramways Club on Mill Street. (contact me if you want t a ticket!)

I got back at 9ish and had a quiet evening from then on in...

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