Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wednesday 30th March 11

I got up early as I was due to cycle into school with our youngest, and was ready for 8.30 with his bike waiting out at the front.  I waited for well over half an hour and he didn't get himself ready... eventually Gill told me to go on to  Edwina's without him, as he wasn't well enough to go to school.  This all put me in a grumpy mood.  When I was young I went to school whatever I was feeling like... I had to be REALLY ill to miss school.

I had strapped my wrecking bar to my bike frame, and checked with Edwina that the garage was open for me.  I got to hers at what I thought was 9.40, but I hadn't altered my phone time so in reality it was 10.40.

Anyway, I got busy and started demolishing the little wall which Edwina wanted out, it was a tough job, and I interspersed this with pulling out weeds and chopping up brambles into the new compost bin, which is in a temporary place.  This work cheered me up, as the weather was nice and I enjoyed the work, despite it being difficult.

Edwina was in but not feeling well, so I worked solidly for 3 hours, finishing at what I thought was 12.40.  I was due to meet Richard at David's flat at 2pm, so I had a bit of a slow lunch in town, and went to David's at what I thought was 1.45... but I realised much later that my phone didn't automatically change last weekend, so I was late to this meeting.  Linda, David's friend and cleaner, was there to meet me and to sort out times that we're working for David when Richard goes to France, in 2 weeks.  We've met before, at St Nicks, apparently!

And then I visited Barnitts to look at chainsaws, and then to Country Fresh, and then home.

I was feeling very achy and tired, but did another couple of hours after tea in the garden.  Gill had a bath and the water was still hot so I had a soak after her, to see if that helped my aches.  I came down at 10 and my phone went; it was Lisa saying that Liam, her son, was at York Station and was I going to meet him?  I'd been expecting him tomorrow night, not tonight!  I texted Liam with our address and said to get a taxi.

Was good to see him, and we chatted about interviews etc, as he's got an interview for a University place tomorrow.  He bedded down on the futon in the front room at about midnight, and asked to be got up at 7 tomorrow, to get a train soon after 8.

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