Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Monday 14th March 11

Another hard-working day.  I took my chainsaw over to John Bibby's as he had got an enormous log in his garden... I think it's been there for a decade, and a seat had been cut out of it, an L shaped cut.  However, John had indicated he wanted it removed (last year, actually, when I collected all of the chunks of wood from his garden which is now having a house built on it) so today, I'd arranged to go and see if I could do anything with it, using my little chainsaw. 

So I got there at about 10am and eventually we found an extension lead, and I started cutting part-slices out of it.  John only had a tiny axe, and I wished I'd brought my maul with me to clout the chopped chunks to break them off.  However, a few well-aimed kicks worked!

John was going over to the University, so he asked me to load up his car and he'd take it over to Hull Road, I'd unload and get on with my day.  So at about midday, I'd filled his car with big chunks and I cycled back with a trailer full of smaller ones and my chainsaw, which had done very well with the massive log.... I think I'd dealt with a third of it.

I had lunch and as usual, put my laptop on to get emails etc, and it just wouldn't get past the 'start' menu.  Frustrating.  However, I couldn't spend time trying to work out what to do, as at 2pm I was due to start work with David.  He wanted to go round town, and my role is to be his enabler/driver.  We went to the paper shop, his bank, Barnitts, the library, another paper shop to get a newspaper that the first one didn't have, and back to his place where I did some sorting out of his fridge, which had some very out of date items in.

I left soon after 4, and took a trailer-full of newspaper out of his bin to Sainsburys as they have paper banks, and I needed to do some shopping there anyway.  I got mayo and our favourite bread, and some dairy-free ice cream for Gill.  I met Debra in there and we had a chat at the checkout.

Home via Freshways, picked up 3 sacks, and came home to do a load of stacking, splitting and more stacking.  Jamie stopped by and chatted.

I enjoyed tea... Gill had made a pie for Pi day (3.14, ha!) and I had some of yesterday's pasta with it.

I phoned Ben and asked about how I might get my computer working... and he reminded me about 'safe mode (click F8 on start-up) and so to write this, I'm on 'Safe Mode with Networking'.  Ben suggested a hard-disc clean, and told me to save any documents I needed to save onto a dongle thingy.  We got a free one from Suma last year, so I'm going to do that, and Ben will deal with my over stuffed hard-disc.  Hope that helps!

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