Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Monday 28th February 11

I enjoyed today.  We were all getting up sometime after 9 as Will was due at 10 to do some maths with our eldest, but Will arrived at 9.35 and we weren't ready.  Anyway, we hadn't got any graph paper, so Will went to buy some.  We were up when he came back!

The maths session went really well and I'm delighted for both parties. 

At 11.30 I headed into town to meet a gentleman called David, whom our mutual friend Carolyn thinks I might get on with, and might be in a position to help.  I found his City Centre house, where he's lived for 40 years, and met his cousin Richard, who's been helping to look after him since he's not been so well.  We chatted about all sorts for a couple of hours.  I might be going to do some PA/carer work for him.

I went to the building society and paid in two cheques, and came home for lunch at nearly 3pm.

The rest of the afternoon went quickly and I had a really simple tea, pasta, red kidney beans and half an avocado.  I'd arranged to meet John at 8 in The Golden Ball, and we had some good wide-ranging chats including a brief resume of the Climate For Change workshop which I missed because of work.

I cycled back home via the wasteland with felled trees near Fulford Road, and came back with 5 lovely lumps.  Had a nice chat with one of my facebook friends Juliet before going to bed, and it was good to link up.  I do love facebook for networking with people with shared interests.

The thing I nearly forgot to report was that I got a booking for the festival of Purim, from a Synagogue in Leeds.  They booked me years ago, twice, and it was quite an eye opener for me as I didn't know much about Jewish culture.  The Rabbi was pleased that I remembered Purim, and I'll be going back there on March 20th.

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