Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tuesday 1st March 11

A busy day with rather too many meetings in my diary.  However, the first was at 2.30pm, so I spent the morning in the garden, sorting out compost for the huge order that Edible York have asked me for. 

Soon after 2 I set off for El Piano, where I'd agreed to meet Richard, David's cousin, so he could give me a bit more background information about the situation that David has found himself in, with increasing age and infirmity.  I was able to explain some more of my experience as a PA, and as they are completely new to the subject, they are glad of any tips and ideas.  We chatted over a hot chocolate and tea, til about 3.35, and I made my way over to the Guildhall for the Environment Forum.  This was not as well attended as last month and wasn't as stimulating, but we did some good work... including about the website we need and our new project 'Tree-mendous York'.

We finished at 6, and I needed to speak to Councillor D'Agorne about the Council's announcement of solar PV panels being fitted on Council houses... my next meeting was at 6.30 at Tang Hall Library, the Hull Road Ward Planning Panel.  I'd already said that I might not be able to make this, and as I arrived home at about 6.30 i didn't feel like going straight out again, so I didn't go. 

I got busy lighting the back room stove and 20 minutes later, doing the washing up (that's how long it takes for the kettle to heat up from cold) and for tea, I just had sandwiches as I couldn't be bothered to cook.  I settled down and then forgot there was another meeting in the diary, the World Naked Bike Ride planning meeting at the Seahorse.  It was due to start at 8pm, and at 8.15 I got a phone call from Tony reminding me.  I zoomed down and had a good meeting with Hugh and Tony, and we fixed the date of this year's York ride as Saturday 4th June, in the late afternoon.  We fixed the route, too, and worked out who was doing what.

I got home at 11ish and got to bed before 2.

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