Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Tuesday 15th November 10

A kind of nothingy day, although I did have a bit of an odd Fiddlesticks enquiry in the morning.  It was from a GCSE pupil who was at school and arranging some sort of school celebration where an entertainer was needed.  She wasn't very experienced at talking to a service provider over the phone, and I have no idea whether she'll come back to me.  I'm not sure she understood how I negotiate the fee.  But, we'll see!

Apart from that it was a quiet morning, and in the afternoon Gill went to town and I went out on the bike and came back with some logs. I did do some bits in the garden... pruning loganberries amongst other activities.

Probably the most notable thing today was that Gill got the next bit of secondary glazing done, in the downstairs loo, with a sheet of perspex and magnetic self adhesive stuff.  She had a slight accident with the self adhesive strips but it still works, and immediately the house feels warmer. 

I made tea... pasta salad and slices of stove-fried squash.  But a pretty low key day with lots of this and that, bits and bobs.  Tomorrow might be more focused.

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