Saturday, 20 November 2010

Friday 19th November 10

A really good day, included a fair bit of house management... washing up, as usual, and fruit, and preparing some squash for tea, and taking compost down the garden, and 3 sacks of leaves which mysteriously appeared in the front...

I waited in for a Freecycler Ian to come round and picked up some of the remaining demijohns, buckets and corks, siphons etc.  Then I got a phone call from Barry asking whether I had any plastic buckets... I laughed and said 'you're in luck, I've just taken delivery of a load of them' and he said he'd come and collect.  But then he rang again and said his car had broken down, so he wasn't coming.  He'll come next week.

I zoomed into town to put in a cheque and on the way back called in on Rich and picked up a couple of bags of stuff which I condensed into one. 

Sometime after 5pm, our friends Jennifer and Mark came round with their delightful 4 year old son, and they had tea with us.  I had to get ready for a gig so I wasn't particularly sociable and left with all my gear, and in costume, at 6.45.  The gig was in Bedern Hall, a lovely venue, for Barbara who was celebrating her retirement.  I knew a few of her guests, which felt odd, as I was working... doing a few circus workshops with anyone who would try, being saucy with the yoyo balls and balloon models, joking, chatting... about an hour and a half of fun, and then at 8.45 the meal was served and I departed with my cheque.  Nice!

So back soon after 9pm, and had a bit of Gill's quiche and got ready for going to Bristol tomorrow.

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