Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday 14th November 10

Gill let me sleep in til 10 and I woke very slowly which was nice.

I had a slow morning but did some work in the garden before lunch, and after lunch, got ready to go to a gig off Bootham at 3pm.

The gig was quite tough.  The audience were mostly 7 year old boys, who were noisy and restless and obviously unused to watching live entertainment. The mums, whom I encouraged to sit on chairs behind the children, chatted through the show, and although I asked several times for quiet, several mums chatted at the back near the kitchen, which didn't help the atmosphere of a live show.  Also, the venue was hot which meant I got quite sweaty by the end of the event.  So I enjoyed this party less than most, and I was worried that my strictness would have annoyed them... but apparently not.  The mum who booked me said she was happy with everything and paid me the agreed fee... and by 5.15pm, I was cycling home.

I stopped off at Freshways on the way back and picked up a large sack of compostable which tore as I tried to pick it up, so I put stuff into a box and that went on the pannier rack with the sack on top.  I had a quiet evening, didn't do much apart from eat, wash up, watch telly, play facebook Scrabble, dealt with emails and jarred-up the pears and pineapple. 

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