Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday 21st November 10

I slept in late, til 10, and then got breakfast.  Went to Temple Meads to meet up with my old friend Lucy whom I've known from my teens, but she wasn't able to get to Bristol til 2.30, so I read my NewScientist and shelled pumpkin seeds in a warm waiting room.  I met a delegate from the conference yesterday and went for a coffee.  Lucy arrived with her 11 year-old son and we went for a bite to eat and a nice long chat, til after 4.30, when they had to get their train back to Weston Super Mare.  I got the 5.30 train and deleted more emails on the laptop, wrote my blog (in an email, so I could just copy/paste into blogger when I got in) and had a few conversations with the people around me.  I got back int the house at about 10pm, and was glad to find everybody had had a good weekend.

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