Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Monday 22nd November 10

A mixed day, with the usual Monday morning stuff and then recovery and housework and Gill and I having lots of talking about how we deal with what we're going through. 

Gill went to town to buy a coat as one's been stolen.  I stayed in and sorted out the tomato, bean and cucumber plants (now all dead) in the conservatory, carefully cutting them down, taking off tomatoes and beans (and a few yam tubercles) and piling the dead stems up for taking down the garden.

When the boys came in we had a big family conference and I expect we've got some news to share sometime soon.  However I have to discuss with the family about what I'm allowed to say here.

A peaceful evening.  I made two facebook 'event' pages, one for this week's YorkLETS Christmas Fair on Saturday, and the other for a Waste Food Feast preparatory meeting which it seems I'm organising.

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