Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Monday 1st November 10

I knew that I had a load of paperwork to do, so when I got up at about 9am I got busy with sorting through things...  so by the end of the afternoon, I had sent five cheques to four places: Yell Limited, Equity, Cozmic and my National Insurance.  I paid the TV licence over the phone.  I also tidied up all the pea beans which have been drying on a sheet of cardboard on the floor, and vacuumed the floor which was in dire need of it.  I got a couple of telephone enquiries and other interruptions.

The assorted payments have left my Fiddlesticks account severely depleted, so I really have to do some more invoices... I have a few outstanding, as I really hate paperwork of this nature.  But then mid-afternoon, something amazing happened... I got a phone call from an organisation I've been very interested in for a while, which is headed up by a woman I really admire, and it looks like I'll be able to meet her next week, and explore whether I can get involved in what they are trying to do.  This is a potentially important development, but could also amount to nothing.  I'm loath to give more information as I really don't want to do anything to prejudice the outcome.  But I'm very excited and pleased.

On my way back from town (with cheques) I took advantage of a 'freegan' situation; someone had dumped a bin bag with some interesting things in -  a fresh, uncut pumpkin, a bag of mushrooms, in good condition, several unopened jars of jam and other things, two heads of garlic.  There were some opened jars of things which I'll not use... the contents will get composted and the jars washed out and re-used or recycled.  But I had the mushrooms for tea, with some garlic, and the last of the pumpkin mix which Gill had made pasties with yesterday.

During the evening I enjoyed a LETS meeting, attended by Melody and my old friend Sue Hulbert.  At the end of the meeting, Liz Sibthorpe came along and as she's moving away from York soon, she was handing over the YorkLETS archives, which the four of us looked through... with stuff all the way back to 1993 when we started.  I was the reluctant recipient of this archive.  It'll sit in my loft until someone else wants it.

I had a good chat with Sue afterwards and got back at 10pm, and got hot water on the washing up, which I did interspersed with Scrabble on facebook, blog, and working on the LETS press release for the Christmas Social on 27th November. 

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