Friday, 5 November 2010

Friday 5th November 10

An excellent morning as we had a visit from someone who was able to help us sort out a problem we are having... great advice, lovely chap, very professional and helpful.  Both of us felt greatly relieved afterwards.

I had an early lunch and cycled down to town to the Big Green Market, where York Rotters were having a stall.  This was my first time back for exactly a year... as it was at last year's Big Green Market that I received complaints about mentioning inappropriate subjects, so I've promised not to mention them, and have a minder to make sure I behave myself.  So I did a 12.50 til 1.15 stint, chatted with quite a few members of the public, and LOVED IT.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy talking with all-comers about their home compost heap.  I love it when they find out that they can put cardboard on the heap, or how they can compost cooked food and meat scraps.  Today I also had a 'growing mushrooms' enquiry which was a bit unexpected.  And I kept to the subject... or rather kept OFF the subjects I'm banned from talking about, and everybody was happy.  Especially me.

I came home via Country Fresh and Richard had a vast pile of stuff for me. I put a carrot sack and a thin polythene banana bag in the trailer and four boxes on top.  Two boxes went on the pannier rack.  One of the greengrocers who isn't as bothered about recycling had put about 15 bags of English pears and 5 pineapples in the bin, not in the recycling where I could take them.  So these got rescued, and later I sorted out the pears (there were 70 in perfect condition) and had a bit of a wobbly about how I was going to use them all.  We had pears with chocolate custard for pudding tonight, and I spent the whole of the David Attenborough programme halving, peeling and balancing pears on the drying racks.  The pineapples will have to wait!

So, a good day.  No money earned, but a lot of resources saved, and information shared about how to reduce waste by home composting. 

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