Friday, 26 November 2010

Thursday 25th November 10

A sleepy day.  But I got up at 8.20 and during the morning took on a teacher role.  The curriculum our son was following had got onto cells so I asked him to find me a range of answers about Amoebae.  He did that with relish, and we went on to discuss organelles, symbiosis in lichens and corals, taxonomy and the differences between plant and animal cells.

Later, Gill went out and I did some work outside, in the snow flurries, moving green logs to a carefully stacked wall at the back and bringing nice dry ones from the store at the back to the front door stack.  I love stacking logs.  Makes all those childhood jigsaw puzzles worth it.

After tea I walked down to the Co-op and got cereals but they had some cheap bits and pieces which was nice, like a French Stick for 20 pence and a Mars Bar for 15p.  Rare treat, I hardly ever buy chocolate.

I did lots of other bits today including some tidying around the stoves, sorting out nails etc, ready for recycling, also washing up, the never-ending washing up.....

And, late on, I got my CV finished.  At least, finished to my satisfaction, and have sent it to my friend Beth who is a professional CV puller-aparter.  She'll put me right!

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