Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday 28th November 10

I was happy to get a lie in, and Gill and I listened to The Archers in bed.  Lovely.

I watched Country Tracks after this whilst having breakfast, and got a phone call from Barry Potter who told me he'd be passing my house within the hour.  He wanted to come and check out the brewing stuff delivered a week or so ago, as he does a lot of brewing.  I got dressed and he arrived, bearing gifts of cyder, metheglin, mead and some honey, as he has some bees.

He went home with six plastic buckets, three 1 gallon demijohns, two half-gallon demijohns, some airlocks, crown corks and straining bags, net curtains etc.  Also, very pleased that he took two plastic crates for holding bottles.  So I've managed to give away all the unwanted brewing stuff.  Excellent!

So, a late lunch, listened to Gardener's Question Time and then went down to Country Fresh in a complete blizzard, and it was really nice to see Richard and we had a laugh, I did a bit of shopping and took away a sack of recyclables, although I won't be able to process them today as it's far too cold and snowy.  I might chop them up in the garage tomorrow and take them down the garden ready to put on the most accessible heap. I called into the Co-op on the way back and was glad to get home with the assorted goodies.

I spent the rest of the day inside, not doing a lot, bar kitchen stuff.  Hoping for an early night.

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