Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Weds 23rd April 08

Not a brilliant start to the day... not sure why but there was a huge outburst and disobedient behaviour, and my son hit me on the nose. I had to hold him down because he threatened to break things and harm me further. I cycled to school with them.

Went to the parenting class, definitely need it, I feel pretty helpless in the situation of having a child who loses it. It's so difficult, I love him so much but cannot cope with his some of his challenging behaviour as it pushes my buttons. The parenting class had a section on smacking. I was regularly beaten as a child (spanked) and I have vowed never to spank them, although they have had smacks on their hands sometimes, and when there is an outburst and threats of violence or damage, it can get pretty physical. But if every evening were like this evening, things would be absolutely fine. It must be difficult for parents with easy children to understand what it's like, and even more difficult for non-parents to comprehend how difficult it can be from time to time. Our child is not the worst, though, going by some of the stories we've heard at the parenting class, so in that respect, we're lucky!

I picked them up from school, all was peaceful and he apologised and we had a really lovely evening! I spent some time watching one of them on their train simulator thing on the computer and he built a special layout for me with some crazy stuff!

More of the squash and mushroom soup for tea for me, boyos had something nicer!

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