Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tuesday 15th April 08

A good day as the kids were ready to walk to school this morning as they are going on the bus this afternoon straight from school to the Dentist in town.... so having bikes at school would be daft. They enjoyed walking with me, I pushed my bike with their bags in the trailer.

At 9 I had a meeting with Julia to decide on where the gardening club is to do its thing now the original plot is not available, as it may be built on. We are going to use some existing borders and ask for planters/containers to be donated. Julia is happy for me to supply the matured compost to mix with soil off the plot. I'll give her a blank invoice and see what donation she can come up with. I'm really glad that I'll be able to have some of my compost used for the school project.... a very good use!

When I got in I decided to respond to a request by my friend James to go and help him with a small gardening task. When I arrived he was in the middle of a visit from his friend Lynne whom I have met but didn't know. We all had a coffee and a chat, although James was a bit difficult to understand as he'd been on the vodka. His carers came, checked him and made him a sandwich, and went. I did a bit in his garden and went. I may be helping Lynne with her composting soon!

I popped into the Post Office on the way home to pick up a Presentation Pack of the 'Insect' set of stamps. I don't get every set of stamps but when I was younger I got lots of First Day Covers and Presentation Packs, and I still get occasional ones.

Lunch was lovely and afterwards Gill and I spent some time together and at 2.45 she went to school to pick up the boys, and I spent some time in the garden. I dug out two builders bags of mature compost and filled one other with this material... I'll riddle this cubic metre of compost and take it to school. Will this be enough I wonder?

For tea I had pasta and a hunk of cauliflower cooked on the stove, covered by a sauce made from yesterday's leek soup (basically a roux wit some cheese added then most of the soup stirred in) which was really good. We are very lucky with our food.... whilst watching TV with food shortages in many other parts of the world, and today this country putting biofuels in our petrol tanks, much of which is made from food. The only sensible solution is to drive less, consume less fuel, and to eat less meat which is so incredibly wasteful on finite resources. But how we arrive at this more sensible way of living I do not know....

A peaceful evening, with the woodstove ticking away and drying off my plum leather.

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