Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Monday 28th April 08

A reasonable start to the morning and I took the boys into school, as Gill had an appointment and left the house at the same time as us. When I got in I wrote my Community Care blog, with a chat about plastic bags... different types of plastic, biodegradable and degradable, alternatives to plaggy bags, also a bit on some potentially problematic additives...

Got that done just in time and shot down to the station to meet Pippa off the 11.28 train. Was lovely to see her as haven't seen her for ages.... We walked to the Spurriergate centre for lunch and had a bowl of fennel soup which was suprisingly delicious. Had a long talk and then wandered to the B+B which I had booked for her and she dumped her suitcase and we went to see St. Nicks, and on to home where we had a cuppa and a good chat with Gill. I collected the boys from school and they cycled home looking forward to seeing Pips who is a bit like a grandma to them... they were very pleased to see her and remembered the postcards she sends mostly. Last time she popped in it was during school time, and we only see her here every couple of years.

She had got a few presents, which they really liked... some Scrabble score-calculator things, a set of 'pick-up-sticks' and some other bits. We had a walk down the garden, tea, the boys went to bed, we had several games of Boggle (word game) and at 10.30 I walked her down to the BnB.

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