Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sunday 27th April 08

What a day! Woke at a reasonable time after a very late night and had a fairly lazy morning playing with M who is adorable! A cutie 5 year-old with a lot of energy and silliness! Soon after 11 we went out to the Peckham Farmers' Market (actually just 2 veg stalls, a plant stall, bread stall and a chap selling honey!). Anna bought some veggies including a butternut squash which I'd been raving on about yesterday, and we went on to look at an allotment site which has installed a compost toilet which allegedly cost £18000... and I wanted to see the design as my lottie site is maybe going to install a compost toilet.

Loo info here...

Home to A's flat for lunch which was wild rice and 'tame' rice(!) with a bit of carrot and broccoli with microwaved butternut slices, and a weird slice of breaded quorn thing.... quite nice but not something I've ever had before!

Finished this just in time to go to the wildlife gardening centre ( )
where A's daughter M is having her party. I got changed there and chatted to the organisers about master composters before doing my usual routine of circus and balloons which went down well (some even popped hahahahaha) and all who attended seemed to enjoy the experience!

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