Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wednesday 16th April 08

A good day... Gill was having problems motivating the children to go to school, so she got me up and asked me to take them in. So we got to school on time and I got a hug from them both. Lovely.

I cycled on to the 'public logpile' which is nearby and loaded up and struggled home with a heavy load.

Gill was getting ready to go to parenting class but I had an appointment with my dentist so I got ready for that. We listened to Radio 4 Woman's Hour and it was about cults, following the horrible goings on in Texas where there's been an abusive situation within a sect or cult. My Dad grew up in the Exclusive Plymouth Bretheren and he's very interested in the subject, as he was kicked out when a teenager and has been damaged by the experience. He is always interested to hear of others' experiences and he and Mummy may be able to do a 'listen again' type of thing on the 'net.

I then cycled down to town and saw my dentist and she told me that I have improved my cleaning routine in the area which she was concerned about last time... but I am missing the good cleaning in another area so I promised to try to do better. I want to make her a happy woman!

I then got a couple of cheques out, one for the stove work last week and one to pay half the annual council tax. Then popped into Millers Yard to pick up a bag of lovely orange halves and coffee grounds, then on to see Anita for a coffee and a good chat.

Eventually got home towards 2pm and had lunch... then at 3 I went back to school to bring the boys back, and then Gill took them to Martial Arts up at Archbishop Holgates school, and I got the motorised riddle out to prepare a load more compost toilet cover material... basically partly composted sawdust which needs to be de-lumped and made into a a friable homogenous material.

For tea I had reheat pasta and sauce.

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