Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Wednesday 9th April 08

A good day! I went to the parenting class but Gill didn't as she wanted to do some cooking for this afternoon's activities... one of our boys is in the tag-rugby team and Gill wants to make a quiche for him to have a slice of as a picnic.

I got a certain amount out of the class, it's not revolutionary or particularly life-changing, but it is useful.

I got back at about 2.30 and Gill was getting ready to walk down to school, as she was getting a taxi to the rugby pitch, in Huntington, 3 or 4 miles North of us. I cycled down to the school just after 3 to pick up our other son, came back with him, did some stuff in the garden and came in to heat up tea..... enjoyed a 'bundle' with him, a sort of play-wrestle cum acrobalance session! His request!

I did some shredding in the garden and rebuilt a logpile which had been demolished by our angry child in a fit of rage.

In the evening, our friends Ben and Jill came round for a cuppa and a chat. Always good to spend time with them.

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