Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Tuesday 1st April 08

A good day as much less was happening than yesterday...

I finished my blog for Community Care, I wrote about today being 'Fossil Fools Day' in some peoples' diaries, and more ways to cut your carbon footprint by using public transport other than flying. I mentioned about the latest recruit to the carbon reduction cause, British Airways, who have cancelled yet more flights from Terminal 5 at Heathrow, due to their incompetence in handling baggage. (only 19000 cases need to be reunited with their owners!)

Then a York Rotters management meeting at the EcoDepot at 11am, with the Rotters team and the Council team agreeing on the wording of our partnership agreement, our first written agreement! We did discuss a few other items, but the meeting only took an hour.

Popped into Morrissons for a loaf and came home, there was a house full of boys as our friends Katarina and Ulrich had come up from their new home in Leamington Spa and left their two boys with ours, whilst they went to work. Ulrich inspects organic farms and Katarina researches invasive plants.

I got my motorised riddle out and riddled a whole compost heap, something like about 500 litres worth (half a cubic metre) making 3 sacks of coarse material and 6 smaller sacks of fine compost. When Ulrich camme back from his farm inspection, he asked if he could have some of the riddled compost, and I was delighted to let him have some!

Had a lovely bowl of leek and potato soup/stew with crusty bread for tea, and later, at the appointed time, had a much more relaxed Skype conversation with K.

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