Sunday, 20 April 2008

Sunday 20th April 08

A lazy start to the day, no wonder after a busy day yesterday, working and partying!

But all is tranquill in the Cossham household, boys having been taken to the Leeds 'National Armouries Museum' yesterday by Gilly, which they enjoyed some of but not all.

Got a phone call from my folks saying they might pop in later after visiting the Bolton Percy open gardens day. Just hope they aren't wanting to put the car in the front garden as it has reverted to a woodyard fuel-depot.....

The day progressed peacefully enough. I went to Country Fresh and when I got back my folks had arrived and they stayed for an hour, had a hot drink and went. No hassles, thank goodness! They had parked in a nearby side road, very sensible.

A quiet evening and no appreciable bad behaviour incidents, which is absolutely fantastic!

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