Saturday, 5 April 2008

Saturday 5th April 08

A funny mix of a day... up early as boys noise, but then went back to bed after breakfast and read NewScientist for an hour. The boys have homework to do and this is causing them stress, so there were tears and tantrums, but not too bad. Nothing we haven't experienced in bucketloads already.

Before lunch I spent an hour or more in the garden, turning a heap and sorting out plastic bags, harvesting worms from them and innocculating a tumbler to help speed things up. Came up the garden with an enormous sack of waste plastic and bits and bobs. Gill was impressed!

Late lunch, Gill went to town and I lit the stove so I could wash up. Had to ban my youngest from the computer in the loft as he had repeatedly ignored warnings to stop playing on the train simulator and get on with his homework. He's banned from using it for a week... not my rule, but Gill's, although I had to tell him, as Gill had escaped.

It was a relatively quiet day and when Gill came back some of the homework had been done.

During the evening I finally got my questionnaire sorted out, for my book.

If you want to fill in my questionnaire, please go to
thank you! It is for people who have given up using Cannabis and those who still use but have tried to give up.

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