Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Tuesday 12th February 08

A good day, spent mostly with the family. First went to see my GP following my letter from the Maudsley suggesting further assessment. Then briefly into town to get some fair trade coffee powder and put a pound's worth of pennies, collected by my eldest son from I don't know where, into my savings account. I gave him a more manageable pile of coins to the same value...

Then home to a tired Gill and boys playing on their computer, so after lunch took them where they wanted to go, Heslington Park. We cycled the long way there, which involves a cycle up a big long hill and then an enjoyable long cycle down into Heslington and through to the 'Outgang', where there is a good park with an excellent play area and things to climb on and play on.... however soon after we got there my youngest complained of thirst, so we all went to Browns in the village to get something to drink, and went back to the park, had a game of frisbee and whilst they played, I did a litter pick, finding a lot of aluminium cans and other rubbish which I'll sort and put for recycling or landfill. The alu cans are worth a penny each... so made myself about 20p richer with this exercise plus the park got tidied.

Had a low-key tea and just when the boys were off to bed, the 'Everest' surveyor/salesman Frank came with the price of the various home improvements we would like to do.

We considered a porch and a new front door, one that doesn't let in cold air, and we desperately need a new back door as ours has gone wrong and only opens with the key, and cannot be opened from outside. Frank was happy to chat inbetween the sales info and stayed quite late, and we ordered two doors, not the porch which was a little beyond our means.

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