Friday, 22 February 2008

Friday 22nd February 08

I took the boys into school and brought them back. Between these journeys I spent time at home, in the garden, doing housework, sorting out a compost heap to make it less attractive to rodents, on the computer, building a logpile, with Gilly, eating lunch... not in that order....

After getting them I went to visit Richard at the veg shop and bought some fruit and got a couple of sacks of compostables for my heaps.

Gill recycled yesterday's stew into a pie with a suet crust which was lovely.

Very late on I liquidised about 10 bananas and 8 punnets of thrown-away strawberries, after a careful sorting and trimming (making about 4 punnets worth) and then rubbed the puree through a fine seive and poured the liquid into a non-stick cake tin and put it to dry on the stove. Banana and strawberry leather on the way!!!

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