Saturday, 23 February 2008

Saturday 23rd February 08

Quite a good start to the day, went back to bed after breakfast but got up again soon and tried to get the children to tell me what they wanted to do... but whatever I suggested they weren't interested in and when I suggested they tell me what they wanted to do, they had no suggestions.

Talked to a journalist from The Observer on the phone about CRAGs, the article will be published tomorrow.

Then went to finish off refilling the compost bin I dug out yesterday and partly refilled. Gill came down the garden at 1pm saying the kids had agreed about what they wanted to do... and they were off to 'Leaping Lizards' shop to see if they sell Geckoes (the boys want a pet) and then onto Sainsburys and the charity shops in Goodramgate.

I came in for lunch, did some computery stuff and then started to prepare some veg for a soup or something for tea.

I got a phone call from my sister asking me about composting tea bags. She is digging out her compost pile I made for her last year, and she's riddling it into a large dustbin prior to using it later in the Spring. She'd found lots of uncomposted teabags, empty but obviously teabags. I was able to tell her that many teabags are made from a thin plastic fabric, and the tealeaves rot away leaving the bag which should be taken out of the finished compost and thrown away.

She then told me that she was encouraging her office to compost... she works for the Environment Agency and so she's being given a Waste Carrier's Licence so she can 'officially' take home the biodegradables for home composting.... totally wow! Something for my paid blog perhaps!

Signed an online petition about Carbon taxation:

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