Saturday, 2 February 2008

Saturday 2nd February 08

Not that brilliant a day as Gill mentioned homework to the boys and there was an outburst of anger and very difficult to cope with behaviour.

I went to the allotment and did more bramble removal, digging up the roots of invaders.

When I came back I planted the raspberries that Aunty Lizzy sent, there were 33 of them, and I put them into the circular bed at the bottom of the garden which is quite shady, but raspberries will cope with that kind of situation, whereas other things I've tried to grow there have not done very well.

Baked potato for tea, the Heslington-grown ones from Martin's, very tasty. Richard thought they would be 'Estima' but the name wasn't on the sack.

Quiet evening. Did a load of fruit peeling and slicing for drying, and watched a bit of telly with Gilly.

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