Friday, 15 February 2008

Friday 15th February 08 'Feast of Lupercalia'

A much better day philosophically than St. Valentine's Day, as Lupercalia is a fertility festival originating in Roman times, and is therefore an older, more Pagan approach than St. Valentine's, as he was a Christian Bishop who became a Martyr, and had no connection to love, romance, amour or lust, so far as I can find out!

Anyway, spent some time out at the front sorting out the garden so my parents can park there tomorrow, and before lunch wentr to the park with the boys and played a good football game whilst Gill continued to tidy the house.

Back for lunch, then did yet more sorting, stacking and clearing in the front.

Spent most of the day doing this. Hopefully they will notice how much I have worked for their desire to park in our logging area. Anything to keep the peace!!!

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